• Sergey Morozov
    Sergey Morozov President
  • Erik Ranschaert
    Erik Ranschaert Vice-President
  • Emanuele Neri
    Emanuele Neri Former President
  • Elmar Kotter
    Elmar Kotter Treasurer
  • Joseph Fernandez
    Joseph Fernandez Auditor
  • Francesca Coppola
    Francesca Coppola Auditor
  • Annalisa Trianni
    Annalisa Trianni Secretary

Board members

  • Daniel Pinto dos Santos, MD
    Daniel Pinto dos Santos, MD
  • Nadya Pyatigorskaya, MD, PhD
    Nadya Pyatigorskaya, MD, PhD
  • Peter Van Ooijen, MSc, PhD
    Peter Van Ooijen, MSc, PhD
  • Wiro J. Niessen, PhD
    Wiro J. Niessen, PhD
  • Angel Alberich-Bayarri, PhD
    Angel Alberich-Bayarri, PhD
  • Mansoor Fatehi, MD
    Mansoor Fatehi, MD

EuSoMII board members elections for the next two years were held at the annual joint meeting of the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics and European Society of Oncologic Imaging (Valencia, Spain, 6-8 October 2016). According to the results of voting Sergey Morozov, MD, MPH, CEO of Radiology Research and Practical Centre, Moscow, Chief Radiology Officer of Moscow was appointed as the new president of EuSoMII.

         Other positions were elected as followed:

  • Vice-President:  Erik Ranschaert, PhD at University of Antwerpen, MD (Belgium)

  • Treasurer:  ElmarKotter, Professor of radiology of the University Medical Center Freiburg  (Germany)

  • Secretary  of EuSoMII: AnnalizaTriani, Italy

  • Auditors: Josep Fernandez Bayo from Imaging Center Responsible at UDIAT (Spain) and Francesca Coppola from Saint Orsola Malpighi Hospital (Italy)

Administrative support

  • Paola Rinaldi
    Paola Rinaldi Marketing and Communications
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